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Do you achieve the best results for every project? There are few contractors who can answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’. We understand that. The market is tough and developments race along at a breakneck speed. A MEAT plan that scored 10 out of 10 yesterday, only merits a 9 today. And when the market recovers, you sometimes lack the manpower to carry out your project. How then do you achieve maximum results?

To keep getting the best scores, you must keep developing. That requires time and energy. The ITC Group would like to help you spend that time and energy effectively. We write winning MEAT plans, with visualisations, and help you during the execution phase to achieve the best project results. In addition, we stimulate our people to continue to develop themselves. That’s not just good for them, but for our customers as well.

Our sectors

Would you like to know how we can help you create MEAT plans, bid books or BVP files, or how we could support you in other activities? Then please click on the sector that is relevant to your tenders.

Civil Engineering

Every year, the ITC Group works on 150 civil engineering tenders.

Non-residential construction

ITC group as a partner in non-residential construction tenders.

Energy & sustainability

Tenders in the energy & sustainability sector.


Our successful tendering process as implemented in the shipbuilding industry.

Advisory services

The ITC Group also helps engineering firms to win contracts.


Landscaping tenders.

The things of which we are most proud:

  • We win 6 out of 10 MEAT plans. We are very skilled at determining a winning tender strategy and translating this strategy into concrete solutions and measures.
  • We have our own design department. What cannot be put into words, we visualise using strong and clear images.
  • We like to share our knowledge with others. Every year, we organise a knowledge event and offer courses.
  • Our people are creative, enthusiastic and very diverse. For each assignment, we form an appropriate team.

Feel free to give us a call at: +31 085 – 021 2994

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