Alexandra Braas

Environment Manager at the ITC Groep

Alexandra has been an environment manager at the ITC Group since April 2016. She is responsible for the Department of Environment Management, where she supervises five environment managers. In addition to her duties regarding environment management, she works on projects as a project manager, plan writer and planner. In her work she challenges herself by solving puzzles. She makes sure that all interests are represented and turns these into a workable solution for the implementer. If the critical stakeholder in a project is happy with a measure she offers, it brightens up her day. Also, she likes winning and tenders are a good opportunity to do so.

Alexandra has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a master’s degree in Architecture from the Delft University of Technology. Armed with this knowledge, she is always able to contribute to projects by offering creative and practical solutions.

In her spare time, she keeps herself busy with DIY activities in her new home. She is completely renovating this home, together with her partner. She also engages in CrossFit and likes to travel.

What is your favourite project of all the projects you have done?
If I may mention two, they would be the projects ‘Redesign Kinderhuisvest and Kenaupark’ and ‘De Kanis Reconstruction’.

The redesigning of Kinderhuisvest and Kenaupark has been completed now, but in this project many different interests came together, all of which I had to consider. Based on these interests, I created a phasing plan in which the phases, diversion routes, communication strategies and agreements were laid down per stakeholder. Subsequently, I had the honour of implementing the project as well. During the implementation, you notice that good coordination and communication with the environment will generate much more support for the project among residents and stakeholders.

With respect to the ‘De Kanis Reconstruction’ project, I’m part of a construction team in which the client and the contractor are striving together for the best possible project results. Working in a team like this makes the project dynamic.

Why did you decide to start working for the ITC Group?
It is a young company, and it offers many possibilities to further develop myself. I believe it is important that I can continue to learn. You are also given a lot of freedom and responsibility during the projects. That allows you to make your own mark.


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