Peter de Waal Malefijt

Consultant and Environment Manager at the ITC Groep

Peter has been working as an environment manager/plan writer at the ITC Group since 2017. Peter knows how to communicate, is sensitive to the environment, and has strong analytical skills. These qualities, supplemented with a healthy dose of international experience, make him an open and understanding discussion partner. Peter feels at ease in different (business) cultures and quickly anticipates cultural conflicts. In this way, he manages to bring (and keep) together various stakeholders in different contexts.

When Peter is not at work, you can find him in nature. Mountain biking, survival trips, family and sports make him a happy man.

What is your favourite project of all the projects you have done so far?
Antoniuslaan, Sassenheim. My first environment management project. Through trial and error this is where I laid the foundation for my development within environment management here, and I enjoyed it.

Why did you decide to start working for the ITC Group?
I was sold immediately during my job interview by the positive and dynamic atmosphere, mixed with a focus on training and personal attention. A great employer in a challenging sector, this always brings out the best in you


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