Schiphol A-Pier

Schiphol A-Pier

Description scope of the work
This work entails the construction of a new pier at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. The total surface area of the pier is 55,000 square meters. It has eight gates: five for small aircrafts and three for large aircrafts. The A Pier will, together with the adjacent future terminal, be handling 14 million passengers per year. It will be the most sustainable pier at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

MEAT criteria

  • Implementation team
  • Description of project organisation
  • Cooperation with subcontractors
  • Cooperation with the client
  • Implementation plan
  • Vision on design
  • Vision on logistics
  • Vision on mobilisation
  • Vision on critical path and planning
  • Vision on testing, commissioning and take-over
  • Vision on prefab
  • Construction method
  • Opportunities to add value or reduce costs
  • Environment, safety, security and health (ESSH)
  • Intersection Rinse Hofstraweg
  • Temporary corridor Pier B and connection
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering & installations
  • Buffer capacity aprons and airside space
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Sustainability
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Performance of the implementation team (CVs and interview)
  • Positive wording tendering authority

“Your Implementation plan thoroughly and cohesively outlines your strategy and your construction methodology. It proves your knowledge and experience on airport operations, displays proper and timely handling of subcontractors, elaborates on a sound prefabrication strategy and has an appropriate focus on BIM and permits. Moreover, the plan clearly states how the plan contributes to meeting the Works’ objectives. The associated detailed programme is elaborated and well thought through and we envisage that your ideas as regards acceleration of the works will work in practice. Finally, your detailed plan for sustainable logistics and for social return are highly appreciated.”

What can the ITC Group do for you?

Create a winning strategy;
Devise and design a vision and corporate identity for a project organisation;
Organise sessions to meet the quality criteria of the client;
Write proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVI/EMVO documents;
Write project management plans required during the realisation;
Create a graphic design for the plans in 2D and 3D;
Analyse BIM models;
Review and edit proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVO documents;
Create presentations;
Give presentation and interview training;

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