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Tenders in the industry sector

The basis for our success is the tendering process to which we adhere. We have developed and optimised this process in the course of working on hundreds of tenders in the construction and infrastructure sectors. But…. by now, this process has also proven its worth in the shipbuilding industry.

In our MEAT course we explain our tendering process with examples from the construction and infrastructure sectors. Nevertheless, an employee of a shipyard contacted us to find out if he could also participate in the course. Of course, we were open to this! It was a great opportunity for us to assess whether the tendering process that we developed in the construction and infrastructure sectors could also be valuable in other sectors.

One thing led to another, and at the beginning of 2017, we worked on our first shipbuilding tender. This was a tender for the maintenance of vessels for the Rijksrederij (government shipping company). The process went well, and the results were very positive! The contract was awarded to our customer. After that, we worked on four other tenders in shipbuilding. We can now say for certain that our approach works in that industry, too. After all, our score was 1 for 1: all five tenders won!

In addition to support with the tenders, we also offer help designing the project management. The cross-pollination between the construction and infrastructure sectors and the shipbuilding industry is very valuable in this regard. For example, construction and infrastructure has a much more advanced way of verifying requirements. We introduce the tools they use (such as a verification matrix) to the shipbuilding industry and implement them there. Vice versa, the shipbuilding industry uses Fleet Management Systems that offer a whole new view on asset management in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Winning tenders and strong together… in the shipbuilding industry as well!

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Mohamed Rkhaoui.

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What can the ITC Group do for you?

Create a winning strategy;
Devise and design a vision and corporate identity for a project organisation;
Organise sessions to meet the quality criteria of the client;
Write proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVI/EMVO documents;
Write project management plans required during the realisation;
Create a graphic design for the plans in 2D and 3D;
Analyse BIM models;
Review and edit proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVO documents;
Create presentations;
Give presentation and interview training;

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