Tenders related to landscaping

We started by writing MEAT plans for the construction and infrastructure sectors. Our method for writing plans, whereby we analyse the problem of a client and develop a strategy to solve this problem, has proven to be successful in these sectors.

It didn’t take long before we concluded that invitations to tender are basically the same in the landscaping sector. In this sector, too, clients have specific problems that require specific solutions. Therefore, the knowledge we obtained in the construction and infrastructure sectors is very useful for the landscaping sector as well. Consequently, we are now very successful in this sector, too.

Our view on tenders in the landscaping sector
For tenderers, the challenge of a project often lies in the ‘curse of knowledge’: he already knows the solution, because he has carried out similar projects in the past. The danger of this is that he will develop a blind spot for the exact problem of the client. Tenderers should stay on top of this because every client wants something else.

There is much to gain by investing enough time in the problem analysis and the structured approach of a plan – both in terms of the process and the document itself.

The result is a MEAT plan in which the client sees that his problems have been recognised and that concrete solutions to these problems are proposed. This makes him feel understood, which maximises your chance of winning the contract.

The added value we can offer
The best supplier does not always write the best plan. Using the knowledge we gained in the construction and infrastructure sectors, where tenders have come a long way, we help contractors in the landscaping sector to apply our proven approach. Together with them, we draw up a plan with demonstrable added value for their clients.

The work we do in this sector
We coach our customers from beginning to end with respect to invitations to tender in the landscaping sector. We offer the following services:

  • Drawing up a plan of approach, including coaching and supervision of the entire process
  • Designing a structure for the plan of approach
  • Reviews
  • Advice, coaching and training

Would you like to know more about the ITC Group and the services we provide? Then please contact Mohamed Rkhoaui and/or Nicole de Vette. Or leave a message on our contact page and we will get in touch with you.


Mohamed Rkhaoui.

Tel: +316 81 85 21 17

What can the ITC Group do for you?

Create a winning strategy;
Devise and design a vision and corporate identity for a project organisation;
Organise sessions to meet the quality criteria of the client;
Write proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVI/EMVO documents;
Write project management plans required during the realisation;
Create a graphic design for the plans in 2D and 3D;
Analyse BIM models;
Review and edit proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVO documents;
Create presentations;
Give presentation and interview training;

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