Project management

Project management

In the tendering of projects, the emphasis is shifting more and more to project management. Clients recognise and acknowledge the capacity of the tendering parties to carry out the work but are concerned that the party will not provide satisfactory project management.

In addition, the clients are increasingly making the market parties responsible for the final design. They also want the market parties to think along with them and demonstrate how all their requirements are met. Demonstrable compliance with the requirements, based on the MEAT plan, the permits and the client specifications, thus becomes a full-time task within the construction project.

Our project managers are specialised in completing projects on time and they have an eye for commerce and quality. This means that the client will be satisfied, and the contractor can carry out the project in a financially sound manner.

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Martijn van Verseveld.

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What can the ITC Group do for you?

Create a winning strategy;
Devise and design a vision and corporate identity for a project organisation;
Organise sessions to meet the quality criteria of the client;
Write proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVI/EMVO documents;
Write project management plans required during the realisation;
Create a graphic design for the plans in 2D and 3D;
Analyse BIM models;
Review and edit proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVO documents;
Create presentations;
Give presentation and interview training;

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