Risk Management

Risk management

Construction has high failure costs. In our opinion, this mainly caused by insufficient management of risks. Our risk and project managers organise risk sessions to make the contractor and his clients aware of risks. We then process these risks according to the RISMAN method to create a risk file.

Once the risk file has been created, the real risk management follows. We ensure that every measure is assigned to an owner and monitor the timely implementation of the measure on a weekly basis. In the construction meeting, we discuss all current risks and again monitor the timely implementation of the measures.

In case of larger projects, we make sure that the measures are input into an SE-system, so that we can be certain that they will be implemented. In the case of smaller projects, we adopt a pragmatic approach: we list all requirements and demonstrate in the work plans how we are meeting them. No work plan is signed for approval until it has been demonstrated that all measures have been implemented. That way, we can be certain that we haven’t forgotten anything. This significantly reduces the risks.

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What can the ITC Group do for you?

Create a winning strategy;
Devise and design a vision and corporate identity for a project organisation;
Organise sessions to meet the quality criteria of the client;
Write proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVI/EMVO documents;
Write project management plans required during the realisation;
Create a graphic design for the plans in 2D and 3D;
Analyse BIM models;
Review and edit proposals/bids/MEAT/EMVO documents;
Create presentations;
Give presentation and interview training;

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