Willemijn Keukens

Office and HR Manager at the ITC Groep

As office manager at the ITC Group, Willemijn is completely in her element. She is happy when she is surrounded by pleased colleagues. She organises team outings and events, carries out HR tasks and marketing activities, and controls virtually everything that is related to the office and the employees. She tries to unburden everyone as much as possible and lends a sympathetic ear when her colleagues need it. She cares about employees on a personal level as well as on a business level and tries to use her own enthusiasm to inspire others to feel motivated and cheerful at the start of the working day.

In her spare time, Willemijn likes to go to town with friends or family for a drink or a shopping spree. She also likes to go skiing and vacationing in the Spanish sun.

What is your favourite project of all the projects you have done?
Great Place to Work! Last year we participated in Great Place to Work. It started with an employee satisfaction survey. After that, we wrote the ‘Culture Audit’, a document that contains 9 core values (Listening, Sharing, Celebrating, Recruiting & Welcoming, Speaking, Thanking, Developing, Caring and Inspiring). In the document, we explain how we give shape to these core values at the ITC Group. In the end, we won the award for the 11th place and we are a Best Workplace! I’m very proud of that, of course. Are you curious about our Culture Audit? Click here!

Why did you decide to start working for the ITC Group?
The ITC Group is a young, innovative and growing organisation. That appealed to me right away. Very little had been arranged yet with respect to office management. I could set it all up myself. This was a challenge, but very fun to do. By now, I have been given many more tasks. It feels like every day I work for the ITC Group is a special day and I enjoy it very much!


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